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Wedding Education Series: Creating Time & Space for Special Moments on Your Wedding Day

You've prepared months for this very day, and it's FINALLY here. You are bursting with excitement & exuding joy. You just can't wait to see the look on your groom's face when you walk down that aisle and to celebrate with all of your people.

What most couple's won't realize is that the day goes by fast, I mean really fast. Between the timeline of events, first dances, speeches, and making the rounds your fairytale day will inevitably fly by. For this reason, it is so important to have a wedding planner by your side that can help carve time into your wedding day timeline for solely being present as a couple on the most joyous day of your lives. Fostering an environment to allow a couple to feel the love and warmth in the room together is so important. Here are a few ways that you can build in time for special moments on your wedding day:

1. Opt for a first look(s).

If you're traditional in the sense that you want your groom to see you for the first time as you walk down the aisle, that is totally ok. You can still have a first look with a dad, grandparents, bridesmaids, and/or other close family and friends that can give you a special moment with each of those people on your wedding day. You can even meet with your groom sight unseen (separated by a wall, door, etc.) to talk through your excitement, share a prayer, or thoughts prior to the ceremony if you are firm on a down-the-aisle first look. I suggest leaving more time than you think you need here. Moments don't happen in a split second where a photo is snapped, but sometimes in the conversation, prayer, & togetherness that follows.

2. Set a Cocktail Hour for longer than an hour.

Use this time in between your ceremony and reception as a time to have a moment alone as husband and wife. Go inside, drink some water, use the restroom, sit and be present with one another before the party starts. Maybe you're planning on having games, a specialty food truck, etc. during the cocktail hour. Ask your planner to make sure you get to play a round of cornhole just the two of you, that you are the first to be served at the food truck, and so on so that you can be present and have fun with one another prior to joining your guests! Since most photographer's will also want to capture wedding party photos at this time, it's best to set the cocktail "hour" for at least 1.5 hours in order to fit everything in without feeling totally rushed.

3. Plan on having a last dance as husband & wife.

While everyone else begins to exit the reception space, choose a special song to dance to as a way to close out the evening of the very best day privately. Soak it in, be with each other, and feel the love in that space that was just poured out from all of your beloved guests! Dancing in an empty room filled with candles, flowers, and the love of your life is such a sweet moment to cherish. Have your photographer and videographer be present to capture this moment, or opt for a truly private last dance. Either way it will be a moment to remember.

4. If you're having a large wedding, set boundaries on the amount of time spent on making your rounds.

It's totally natural to want to hug and squeeze each one of your guests, converse, and thank them for being there on your special day. The thing is, let's say you have 200 guests, making those rounds to each and every person is going to be tricky and will take up most of your time. Instead, aim for meaningful conversation with important loved ones that you don't get to see very often. You can make the decision as a couple to spend quality time with friends that you do see often out on the dance floor vs. spending time conversing when you make the rounds. Remind yourself that you are just two people trying to enjoy your wedding day - no one will be upset if you can't converse with them for 10 minutes and will ultimately just feel honored that you included them.

Although we love every detail of your special day, your love & togetherness is what the day is about at its roots. Being intentional with your wedding day timeline and following some of these suggestions above will ensure the creation of some special moments as the day unfolds and the memories begin.

With Love,


Photography: @martinandgloriaphotos @catgalletti

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