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About Ash

Hey, ya'll! Ashley aka "Ash" here. I officially started this planning company in 2021 following several years in the Advertising industry in New York City. My husband, Brendan, and I had recently moved down to South FL and I found myself at a cross-roads within my career as I was deciding between the most logical career path to head down vs. the one that would allow me to utilize my God-given talents. Hint: I chose the latter hehe.

I am an Enneagram 4, INFJ, Scorpio for all of you personality test & zodiac lovers. I enjoy spending one-on-one time with people, whether that's friends, family, or clients. People are often very comfortable opening up to me, coming to me for advice, or bouncing ideas off of me which I pride myself in! My perfect day starts with a lavender latte and a beach walk or mountain hike, continues on with the car windows down blasting Jack Johnson radio and some creative downtime  (painting, photographing, designing), and ends with a gin cocktail and a cotton candy sky sunset. My favorite shows of all time are Gilmore Girls and Friends, and my favorite dessert is the banana pudding from Magnolia bakery in NYC.

With love, 


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The Small Things

As one of my favorite artists once said, great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Here are a few of MY small things that make me, me!

1. I am from Houston, Texas and went to school for Advertising at UT Austin - Hook 'em Horns and TX Forever!


2. Regarding my wardrobe, my answer will always be "It's from Anthro or Free People"

3. I think I fell in love with art, florals, & photography when I was in the 5th grade and photographed a lovely blush rose in my grandma's yard. It won me a photography award at school - ha.

4. I love literature - Jane Austen is a fav.

5. My favorite places I've traveled to are Northern Ireland, Catalonia, & Kauai. I love places that have a perfect balance of calm & excitement.

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