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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.”

― Elsie de Wolfe

For as long as she can remember, lead planner Ashley Shannon always had a love for curating beautiful moments - whether that was within styling photographs, planning and hosting intimate gatherings, all the way to the walls of her own home. She can remember a specific moment in which she was in her grandmother's backyard adorned with rose bushes, taking close-up shots of them with her digital camera when she was just 10 years old. She won an award for that digital photograph (at her middle school - ha!), and it was one of the early moments of her life that was indicative of her creative passions - the kind of moment that could easily go over-looked. Sometimes we need to re-visit our inner child to re-ground ourselves in the things in life that give us energy, and that's exactly the thought-track that bloomed Ever Ash Weddings. For these reasons, Ever Ash Weddings mantra is 

"Where Artful Design Meets the Curation of Beautiful Moments"


The company came to life in 2021, born out of the desire to combine her multi-faceted creative interests with her client-service experience from her previous career in Advertising. Ashley and her husband Brendan had recently tied the knot within the mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she fell in love with the planning process and thought if not now, when!


Get to know husband and wife duo Brendan and Ashley Shannon

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