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Wedding Design Strategy: Getting the BANG for your BUCK.

Hi hi, friends!

This week's wedding planning tip is to be strategic about where you are investing your wedding budget within the overall event design. If we're being honest, yes we want our guests to have an amazing time, to be wowed by the event in it's entirety, and to feel like we had THE most beautiful wedding - which we can have, but hear me out. The photos will live on forever - even when the memories start to fade. So what's really worth investing in? If you're on a tighter budget and always dreamt of swoon-worthy, luxury details, focusing your budget around the camera & photo worthy moments might be a great option for you.

Here are a few photo-worthy areas of focus to consider for the design of your event that can help you get the most value out of your investment:

The Dance Floor + Stage Area: Since you will most likely have your first dances in this area, followed by a night of partying, consider ways to elevate this area that will be in most of your photos for the entirety of the night. Some ideas here are to repurpose ceremony florals to line the stage of your band, hanging specialty lighting & greenery right above the dance floor, or to invest in lounge furniture that gets placed surrounding the dance floor to create a cozy, chic environment for those that might not be on the dance floor the whole night.

The Cake Table: Making it a MOMENT. Since you will also most likely be taking lots of photos in this area, and you may have all eyes on you if you decide to do an announced cutting, this is another great area to invest in when it comes to design. Don't have the budget for luxury linens on every table? Maybe you splurge on a luxury patterned linen for the cake table. This is another great area to repurpose florals from your ceremony either at the base of the table or to be placed around the table.

The Head Table: Make it Grand! Table-top can be expensive. Sometimes with larger guest counts, it isn't realistic to have every table dressed immaculately head to toe. Still wanting to incorporate a to-die-for tablescape with all the bells and whistles? Make your head table the one that has everything on your table-top wish list. We always ensure your photographer has plenty of time to capture the reception spaced details, so you're sure to have a photo of your stunning head table to share that beauty from your most special day.

Again, if you can afford immaculate design throughout every corner of the room, alllllll the power to you! But recognizing that not everyone has that option, I hope that these recommended areas of design focus were helpful to you as you continue on your wedding planning journey.

With love,


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