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My Top Four Thoughtful Wedding Additions

To make your wedding a truly one of-a-kind, memorable experience for all of your guests, it's important to be thoughtful in every decision that you make for your wedding day. This is your WEDDING day we're talking about, it's worth taking the time to make your decisions (or bear with your planner while they help you make them!). This doesn't mean every decision has to be life or death, but as a rule of thumb I like to ask myself what the purpose of a particular design element/vendor/etc. is. Is it truly additive? If the answer is no, your time, energy, & dollars are likely better-spent elsewhere. Here are my top four thoughtful additions to any wedding - sure to make guests feel like they stepped into a page of your personal fairytale.

1. An Escort Display that is Interactive, Unique, & Tailored to Your Style.

Do you as a couple love game nights? Let a customized game of Jenga help guests find their tables. Maybe you have a special place in nature that you two love to spend time in together - bring that nature TO your guests by using some of the local foliage, wood, etc. to transport guests to that place as they find their seats. Or perhaps you appreciate the finer things in life such as a good wine, correlate tasting bottles of wine with your table numbers and give each guest a tasting as they meander into the reception. These are all ways that guests can be made to feel truly part of your wedding experience by letting them into a special part of your story.

2. Curated Welcome Baskets or Wedding Favors.

I want to preface this one by resurfacing my point above, if it isn't additive, you shouldn't be spending your time and energy there. I am allllll about a cute curated welcome basket, but sometime's they may not be necessary. If a majority of your guests are traveling a long distance for the big day, and the wedding is considered to be more of a destination wedding I do recommend a curated welcome basket for out of town guests. This is such a fun way to curate some "His" and "Hers" items, as well as local items from the town in which you are getting married in - from local coffee grounds & baked goods to custom mini champagne bottles the possibilities are endless.

For wedding favors, the same is true that they aren't always necessary. Don't think of something just to think of something. If the favor doesn't give guests a peak into your daily lives as a couple, or showcase your personality my vote is not to have one. Thoughtfulness is key.

3. Personality Desserts.

Let's be real, you're going to get a cake or some type of dessert regardless, you might as well make it fun and unique! On a personal note, this one was something that I received a number of compliments on from my own wedding. I am obsessed with lavender - taste, smell, look... lol. Brendan is a big fruit dessert guy vs. chocolate or anything too heavy. For our wedding, we opted for a lavender white chocolate and raspberries & cream cake, featuring mini fruit tarts and cream puffs on the side. It was exactly what WE wanted as our dessert on our wedding night, and the guests all thought it was very unique and spoke to us as a couple. Get fun with it! Make sure you schedule those tastings, too. ;)

4. Family Remembrance.

What better way to make an event personal than to feature items, photos, or design elements that honor your family - past, present, & future. Wedding photos from past family marriages, your late grandma's china, your grandpa's whiskey of choice. These are all amazing ways to make the event not only exude you two as a couple, but your families as well. Your family is growing and becoming one, two groups of people that never would have been united if it wasn't for you two. Let's honor THAT!!!

Those are my top four thoughtful wedding additions! Hope you enjoyed the read & happy planning!

Vendor Credit:

Signage: @Handsomeloveco

Desserts: @steamboatbaker

Rentals: @copartyrentals

With love,


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