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Ever Ash Predicts 2023 Wedding Trends

Happy 2023, friends! I hope the first few weeks of the year have been kind to you + yours. This week on the EAW Journal, I wanted to highlight the 2023 wedding trends that we'll likely be seeing more of this year, some of which we hope to see and are taking it upon ourselves to manifest.

1. Variety + Imperfections in Design

First up, we have variety and imperfection in design. I think some of this naturally stems from wedding budget restrictions, and the need for planner, florists, event companies, etc. to think outside of the box when executing on design in order to fit a client's ideal budget. Eclectic groups of floral vases graced by different blooms, a variety of candles and bud vases, mismatching bridesmaid dresses and organic ceiling installations are all examples of this that I predict & hope will grace us this year. Think mismatched and imperfect while still providing cohesion throughout your event space.

2. Color, Color, Color

This year's Pantone color of the year is viva Magenta - and I'm loving the energy this gives off for the year ahead. I think we are going to see a lot more color & unique color pairings this year. Think less traditional "my wedding colors are _ and _" and more "my wedding colors are varying tones of _." I'm predicting the following colors that we'll see a lot of this year: Magenta (hello color of the year, of course), lavender, dusty rose, & rosemary.

3. Film Photography

A personal favorite, I've always been a big fan of film. It adds a layer of timelessness to your wedding day images that can't be captured digitally. I adore any film photo that my client's have ever had taken! I think this trend will continue into 2023, and I'm glad that it's sticking around. If you know this is something you want on your special day, be sure to inquire if your photographer shoots film + digital as you're having your consultation calls!

4. Non-Traditional Wedding "Cakes"

More often that not, I have a client that foregoes the tradition of having a wedding cake and announced cake cutting. I think we're going to see more of that this year, whether that means having an assortment of mini cakes, a specialty dessert drink, or passed mini desserts after the dinner service has ended for the evening. Some people even decide to omit the sweets all together and spend that money on a late night bite in it's place! I have a sweet tooth, and personally love a good cake table moment, but I do think that this is becoming more common as couples eliminate the traditional wedding items that aren't important to THEM.

Happy wedding year to all of my clients that will be getting married in 2023! I can't wait to dive in with you all and to be present on your most special day.

With love,


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photographs used in publishing this article, and were used for inspirational purposes only. Happy planning!

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