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Determining Your Wedding Day Priorities

Hi, Friends!

Here at Ever Ash, as we continue to accumulate industry knowledge through education & personal work and experiences, we'll be bringing you all one wedding planning tip each week to help better educate anyone and everyone interested in allllllll the wedding planning things! Some of these planning tips may be more relevant to other wedding industry vendors, while some may be more applicable to bride and groom to-be's. Regardless of how you are connected to the wedding planning world at this point in time, we hope you find these planning tips fun, educational, & digestable as you go throughout your planning journey.

Kicking this off with this week's planning tip of the week - Determine. Your. Priorities.

I don't know who needs to hear this - but we beg you to go into planning with outlined priorities for your wedding day. Creating a prioritization of various wedding day components helps not only you in determining how to allocate your budget, but it helps all of your vendors have a clear understanding of your expectations for wedding day, and ensures smooth execution of your most important elements.

I always tell brides to pick their top 3 priorities. For example, for one bride this may be the florals, the tablescapes, and the unique wedding favor that they're dying to have included in their event. So now that you've decided that, you can prioritize budget accordingly and give a little in the other areas - maybe you opt to not move forward with the live band or the top tier of liquor in order to fund your highest priority items. Before you sign any vendors, it is important that you think through these priorities. No one likes to see themselves in a situation where they've signed an expensive venue and photographer, but have little to no budget left over for the floral arch they always dreamt of.

At the end of the day, weddings are an expensive investment. Regardless of what your budget looks like, it is important to determine priorities to help your dream team of wedding vendors steer the ship accordingly so that everyone can be focused on the same end goals. You may even have adequate budget to pump into each area of planning your wedding - but there will still be areas that you feel are a bigger priority compared to others.

Make your list of priorities before you start signing vendors left and right, hire a wedding planner to help you plan according to these priorities, & everything will begin to fall into place from there.... :) Aren't sure what your wedding day priorities are? Fear not, we can help with that, too!

With love,


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