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Wedding Education Series: 5 Details to Plan for that You Might Not Have Thought Of

The level of detail that wedding's entail is simply the most challenging (yet my favorite!) part of planning any wedding. There are details to think about for the wedding day itself, of course, but also for the days, weeks, & months leading up to the big day. Wedding planning in my eyes is more than planning for just the single day, but the engagement season as a whole. It's your time to feel celebrated, loved, & well... like a queen/king! There are truly so many details that go into one single wedding - a lot more than meets the eye within those dazzling flat lay photos, dressed up tables, & stunning bridal looks (and that's saying a lot since those things already seem to personify hard, intricate work!). In this journal entry I break down a few details to consider and plan for that may have never even crossed your mind to give you the stunning, thoughtful wedding day you desire.

  1. Would you like to add on extra floral for tossing, flat lay styling, or cocktail garnishes?

Yes - the answer is always yes. Ok so maybe not yes to everything perhaps, but I will say at a minimum having some extra petals & blooms for your photographer to style alongside your wedding day details is a must. In a way, our wedding day florals live on through our photographs that we have of them. Who wouldn't want just a little extra for the photographer (and sometimes planner hehe) to create something beautiful that will live on and help showcase your wedding design in a snap of an image. These small additions of floral throughout your event is an easy way to ensure your overall wedding look & feel is consistent and carries through, too!

2. Two birds, one stone.

Bridal Portraits are becoming more & more popular these days, as it is such an efficient way to not only give yourself a trial run for how you photograph in your dress but also for your hair and makeup. It relieves so much wedding day stress for a bride if she can go into the wedding day knowing how she will look and feel in her gown, as well as how she's been photographed. Bridal sessions are a low-stress environment to have some fun, get pretty, & get to know your photographer prior to the wedding day. As an added bonus, it also shaves time off for photos on the wedding day since your portraits will already have been done.... so maybe more like three birds, one stone?

3. Bathrooms matter, people.

If you're having your wedding at a mid-large sized venue, the chances are that there will be a decent sized bathroom for both the ladies and gents that is relatively up-to-date and cleanly. To make the bathroom feel even more luxurious, thoughtful, & homey consider placing a scented hand soap, hand lotion, and even some breath mints in there for the guests to enjoy. I know it may seem like a bit overkill, but it's these little details that guests truly are appreciative of at the end of your wedding night! It shows that you care about everyone enjoying your wedding experience in each and every corner. A venue might not be home, but you can sure make it feel like it one detail at a time.

4. Order 25 more than you think you need...... and another 5 on top of that.

Extras extras extras! It is important to order extra invitations, save-the-dates, wax seals, stamps, napkins, cups, and anything else that you have customized for your special day. Things happen, guests get added, invites get returned to the sender, and you will want a few for keepsake. This is also important to have for your photographer so that they can incorporate these items into your detail shots alongside those extra blooms hehe.

5. But first, Champagne!

If you're desiring some fun, intimate getting-ready photos with your bridesmaids in the hours leading up to the moment you say I do (eeeeek), don't forget the champagne! It can be fun to have a custom painted champagne bottle that you can take as a keepsake after the fact, and perhaps an engraved whiskey bottle for the groom. Regardless of customization, do be sure to order or rent some fun glasses for you all to cheers to for those fun photo-opps that you'll have to look back on for years to come! So many brides often desire this, but wait until it's too late to order anything custom. If you know this is something you will want, plan ahead!

With Love,


Photography: Erica J Photography, Cat Galletti Photography

Floral: Ellie's Garden, Blush and Bay Floral

Planning & Design: Ever Ash Weddings

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